Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Two Little Boys - An Introduction

Not that long ago it seemed toy soldiers were something to be kept in the dark, hidden in a back room or closet away from the prying eyes of 'sensible' visitors or upstanding members of the family. My how things have changed. The internet has a lot to answer for.

Not only can we explore our passions, we can enjoy them with other like-minded individuals. Sharing lessons learned, experiments attempted, recommendations and the now indispensable 'how-to' tutorials are so much a part of any hobby now that is seemed a shame not to jump in an join in with this one.

Each to His or Her Own
Upon deciding to start this blog our thoughts focussed on just the models: of starting our collection and the wonderful moment when a set is opened for the first time. We then considered scenery: the joys of displaying our pieces in a semblance of context, from small vignettes to huge display tables. Then came the hands-on modelling: building, crafting and painting pieces.

We soon realised there were so many ways to explore and enjoy this hobby. Books, movies and music, museum visits, re-enactments, wargames and toy soldier shows have all been part of our toy soldier collecting experience.

British Artillery brings to bear as the French advance - Models by John Jenkins Designs.

Two Little Boys
Even just the two of us, Adam and James, enjoy our hobby in many different ways. Thankfully we both have understanding partners who allow us to indulge in our passion and our 'little guys' are no longer relegated to a back room or closet.

Two Little Boys is the tale of our shared journey into the world of toy soldier collecting. Join us on this wonderful adventure that we undertake, on this marvellous spree.

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  1. JJD stuff looks fantastic really looking forward to seeing where this goes!!